Surgery vs Placebo

Surgery vs. Placebo

Surgery vs. Placebo…the results may just surprise you!

In 2002, the New England Journal of Medicine published an astounding study on knee pain that sent astounded its authors…and those that read it. It is often referred to as ‘The Baylor Study’, since it was perform…


16 Year Headache History

Woman’s 16-year Headache History…Now Gone! A Success Story!

Imagine for a moment having one of those nasty, light hurts the eyes kind of a headache. Now, imagine having that happen almost every day…for 16 years. How many times would you lose your temper? How much wo…


Welcome Dr. Chad Zimmerman

Fargo Doctor Falls in Love…Joins The Clinic!

One Saturday several weeks ago, Dr. Chad Zimmerman met with Dr. Ryan Jenkins to take a tour of The Clinic in West Fargo. Having practiced locally at a busy clinic in South Fargo for seven years, he was hesitant at first. Ho…

Acupuncture and Insomnia

Sleep is a recurring condition of the body in which there is a suspension of voluntary movements, the eyes close, and the muscles relax. Growth and rejuvenation occur in many bodily systems including immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular. It is not a complete shutdown…


Back to School: Staying Healthy

Backpack Safety

Here are a few tips on how to use your backpack correctly to avoid unnecessary strain on your spine.

Use a pack with well padded straps and back. Wear both straps when wearing the pack.

Arrange the contents inside from largest to smallest…

Shin Splints

Symptom of the Month – March

Shin Splints

What are shin splits?

Shin splints are a symptom of Tibial Stress Syndrome. They are a very common condition and they are not limited to runners. They can be caused by irritated or swollen muscles from overuse (peroneal muscles, calf muscles, etc.), small…

hypertension prevention

Symptom of the Month – February


High Blood Pressure:


≤120/≤80 is normal

121-139/81-89 is pre-hypertension…

Knee Pain

Symptom of the Month – January

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of the lower extremity. It can begin suddenly or build over a long period of time. The main reasons for knee pain are every day wear and tear, overuse and injury. The key to improving knee pain is to determine th…

Ankle Sprain

Symptom of the Month – December

Check out what the doctors at The Clinic have come up with each month to help you prevent and treat the most common injuries they see in the office!

Ankle Sprains

Have you ever sprained an ankle that seems to take forever to heal?

Not all ankle sprains are the same. Ank…