HeadacheWoman’s 16-year Headache History…Now Gone! A Success Story!

Imagine for a moment having one of those nasty, light hurts the eyes kind of a headache. Now, imagine having that happen almost every day…for 16 years. How many times would you lose your temper? How much work that needed done…didn’t get done? Try and imagine what life would be like to be in such pain every day that you simply couldn’t function. Now, imagine you are a teacher…and has kids of her own.

That was Jane’s story when I first met her.

In fact, she was taking very strong anti-migraine medication like candy. Every day was a routine. Go to school, teach the kids…feel the searing, stabbing pain of a headache and take ‘the pill’. Lay down and shut off.

This story is about how Jane began to feel like Jane again.

As it turned out, nothing else had been recommended. The headaches would be relieved by the medication…so end of story. However, as my clinical experience has taught me over the past 16 years- headaches are not caused by the lack of a pain pill.

We were able to trace her headaches to when she began teaching in a classroom. While standing at a chalkboard, Jane would often turn her head the same direction. Over time, this caused certain muscles to be used more than others- resulting in nasty cords to develop in the tissues. These cords would tug and pull and tear…every day…resulting in pain and inflammation. Her end result? A horrid ‘I wish the world would end’ headache.

Simply putting pressure on that tissue would recreate the headache. This was the sign that told us that we could help…and it did.

Every day people suffer from recurring pain syndromes and the only help they find lies in a bottle of pain relievers. While that can temporarily help, the problem persists…gets worse…the pain intensifies….becomes more frequent and, eventually, the person gives up. This is true of knees, necks, headaches, lower backs, shoulders…you name it.

While each problem is unique, each problem has a cause. By finding it, giving it the right attention…things change- just like it did for Jane.

If you or someone you know suffers with recurring pain in the same area, perhaps all they really need is to have a different set of eyes take a look at it. Sometimes…that’s all it takes.

Please give that person a break and have them give us a call. That’s why we’re here!